Holiday for Empathy

As the snow falls in the northern world 

And the gifts packed under the fir are unfurled

Let it be known what it is today

Let the joy for all be on display

Your hearts, I hope to touch

While I know this small verse won’t be much

To all: Let empathy take over the mind

So it can treat our fellow humankind

And without any more delays

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. 


To Hold On To You Forever

I love how your hair is so beautiful

And that your skin is so smooth to the touch

When you are singing, me to sleep you lull

For it’s so peaceful when you sing so much

The love I had for you matched no others

Shall your beauty be ever eternal

Even if our fate, it, to us, smothers

I still have you encased in this journal

You are very stunning, inside and out

From your completion that does not have age

To the way you sound when you scream and shout

Even the blood I’m using on this page

I have you in my hands for me to look

For it is your skin that has bound this book Registered & Protected  UP63-WPN4-CX3G-MDEZ