Opinion Piece: Radicals

Keep in mind this is my opinion. That being said:

Radicals are possibly the worst people in all of history, especially today. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge the historical importance of radicals in the formation of the culture we know and love today, but today isn’t back then. You see, radicals are good, and only good, for starting the conversation of issues. Following them completely through has been historically impossible as their world view is about as realistic as Orwell’s 1984 actually happening in 1984. There has been hardly a time in history where ideas of what was considered “radical” have actually been followed through exactly. Even the founding fathers of the USA were kind of saying “fuck if I know how to form a country like Locke describes” after the actual revolution part was done. People forget that they failed the first time with the Articles of Confederation, as it was too loose of a government to actually do anything, so they drafted the Constitution to make up for it. Communism, despite popular belief, has actually never been achieved.

Communism, as Marx would describe it, is actually more synonymous with anarchism, in the belief of a self-governing society. Socialism was what occurred and is described as a “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” or the USSR…sort of. They got the dictatorship part down, but not for the right reason. Socialism is a means to get to communism, where the big dictator is supposed to go away after everything is good and dandy and the society just works like a well-oiled machine that needs no one to govern it. Do I have to point out how this is just a mere fantasy? People are too self-aware of their own beliefs and ideals that it couldn’t happen. It only takes one person to move an entire crowd. Quote 1984 for the fear of totalitarian government all you like, I prefer to quote V for Vendetta: “We are told to remember the idea, not the man because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.”

These radicals hardly see people as people. They claim to see them as people, but really they just see them as a machine, not machines, a single machine. They have the naivety to think all they have to do is just adjust all the parts to make them fit and the machine will run. Machine parts don’t change shape, people can. A lot quicker, mind you, than a part can go rusty, and if one wants this machine to keep running, they would have to constantly rearrange the parts of this human machine they’re building. The fact that the radicals in practice have to rearrange the machine so constantly proves that it cannot work like they would like it to.

This is why we need moderates. They are the only ones who can use the government to its full advantage because they can do something a radical can never do: compromise. They can stand proudly on the fence with a clear view of both sides and point out the flaws of either side. Only they can work with either side to get a favorable outcome. Some will say that compromise leaves both sides unsatisfied, but I say that’s only because they didn’t compromise correctly, as both sides should be satisfied with it.

However, it seems everyone is sick of compromise and wants things completely their way. This is bad because we are currently in a time where we need compromise the most. We are letting the far sides shout over the people who actually have an ability to do something. So it’s either the far sides back down or the moderates, the normally level-headed people, start to shout.

So go ahead and shout at the top of your lungs how much you hate the far sides and the fact that you really are the people who can make a difference because you’ve suffered in silence for long enough. You are needed, you just need to make sure everyone else knows you are needed, so stay smart. Get loud and stay smart.

I encourage smart debate, so state your opinions with a sense of maturity in response.