Commission Info

I will now be accepting commissions. Here is what you need to know.

General pricing for all writing (pricing is negotiable):

  • $1 for first 100 words and $1 for every hundred words after that.
  • If word count goes at least 10 words over the first 100 words, you will be charged for another 100 words
  • This goes for all writing unless stated so under following categories.


  • Please give prompts, suggestions or even a specific mood on all poem before I begin writing.
  • If you don’t have any preferences for anything and will take whatever I write, please, at the very least, give a maximum price/price range for the work
  • If you demand a specific rhyme scheme and/or rhythm that will cost an extra $1 per hundred words
    • For example: a single Shakespearean sonnet would cost $6 (due to word count being over 100 words typically) due it being in the rhythm of iambic pentameter (an unstressed syllable coupled with a stressed syllable for about five times, ten syllables altogether per line) and having a specific rhyme scheme (ABABCDCDEFEFGG).


  • A small paragraph for whatever one would require one for, typically within o
  • These can be for:
    • Social Media bios
    • Stories/Fanfictions
    • Product descriptions
    • Album descriptions (photo or music)
    • Etc.
  • For any of the above, I require some form of prompt to go off of

Short Stories

  • If you want a short story written for you, you should give the following
    • Themes, motifs, references, etc.
    • Settings (world, time period, culture, etc.) (required for original character)
  • The above is optional, but below is required
    • Mood (happy, sad, angry, tense, etc.)
    • Price range
  • If you have an original character that you wish to be put in a story, a setting becomes required (as chances are if you know the character, you know the world it inhabits), and you must answer the following about the character:
    • What species is the character?
    • How old is it?
    • What gender is it? (please refrain from using this chart)
    • What does it look like? (Clothing, hair color, body shape/size, skin/fur color/patterns, eye color, general presentation (dirty/clean, messy/well kept, etc.)
    • How does it behave? (habits, vocal inflections, personality type (bubbly, nervous, angry, crazy, etc.), posture, etc.)
    • What are its likes/dislikes?
    • Everything you can tell me about the character will help in some way, including pictures you’ve possibly made.


  • Action
  • Suspense
  • Sad
  • Dramatic


  • Romance (especially NSFW scenes)

Things I will not write

  • Fetish stuff
  • Fanfiction in general
    • I will not write a story based on another work unless you own that work (meaning no fanfiction). The reasons for this is because I cannot trust myself to keep up with the work’s canons, fanons, etc.; especially if I don’t keep up with the work.

Everything else is stuff that I can write well enough, but don’t consider myself to particularly excel at.

DMs are alway open while I am taking commissions. Send me a message of what you want (based on what’s above) and I will determine whether I will take you up on your request.

Timeframes for commissions are 1-2 days for poems and bios/blurbs/descriptions, and 3 days to a week for short stories. I will talk to you about any delays that prevent me from completing any commissions.

I will only work on 5 commissions at a time and will temporarily close commissions upon filling up that amount. Check bio on whether I can take any commissions at the moment.

I require the full price to be paid before I give the commissioner the commission. I will offer one free rewrite if the commission is not to your liking.

All transactions are non-refundable unless there is a problem on my part.

Any other questions can be asked via notes and DMs on Twitter:

Here are most of the things I have done so far:…