Politics AKA This is NOT what I wanted to discuss

Politics, Politics oh golly my,

A subject that balances facts with lies.

Politics, politics oh golly me,

Probably not the talk to have over tea.

For as the subject turns brutal, and you talk about sin,

You’ll find your tea, from your cup, all over him.

The friend, you realized, has different views than you,

It instantly turns you to enemies from dudes.

This comes from a spark or even a small comment,

That you really thought would be pretty harmless.

But since you started it there is no stop,

Until someone has to do something that actually is not,

As circular an argument as this topic seems,

That is all that discussing politics means.

Politics, Politics, oh golly my,

One of the greatest dividers of all times.

Politics, Politics, oh golly me,

Why don’t you just let the subject be.

Creative Commons License


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