Holiday for Empathy

As the snow falls in the northern world 

And the gifts packed under the fir are unfurled

Let it be known what it is today

Let the joy for all be on display

Your hearts, I hope to touch

While I know this small verse won’t be much

To all: Let empathy take over the mind

So it can treat our fellow humankind

And without any more delays

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. 


Commission Info

I will now be accepting commissions. Here is what you need to know.

General pricing for all writing (pricing is negotiable):

  • $1 for first 100 words and $1 for every hundred words after that.
  • If word count goes at least 10 words over the first 100 words, you will be charged for another 100 words
  • This goes for all writing unless stated so under following categories.


  • Please give prompts, suggestions or even a specific mood on all poem before I begin writing.
  • If you don’t have any preferences for anything and will take whatever I write, please, at the very least, give a maximum price/price range for the work
  • If you demand a specific rhyme scheme and/or rhythm that will cost an extra $1 per hundred words
    • For example: a single Shakespearean sonnet would cost $6 (due to word count being over 100 words typically) due it being in the rhythm of iambic pentameter (an unstressed syllable coupled with a stressed syllable for about five times, ten syllables altogether per line) and having a specific rhyme scheme (ABABCDCDEFEFGG).


  • A small paragraph for whatever one would require one for, typically within o
  • These can be for:
    • Social Media bios
    • Stories/Fanfictions
    • Product descriptions
    • Album descriptions (photo or music)
    • Etc.
  • For any of the above, I require some form of prompt to go off of

Short Stories

  • If you want a short story written for you, you should give the following
    • Themes, motifs, references, etc.
    • Settings (world, time period, culture, etc.) (required for original character)
  • The above is optional, but below is required
    • Mood (happy, sad, angry, tense, etc.)
    • Price range
  • If you have an original character that you wish to be put in a story, a setting becomes required (as chances are if you know the character, you know the world it inhabits), and you must answer the following about the character:
    • What species is the character?
    • How old is it?
    • What gender is it? (please refrain from using this chart)
    • What does it look like? (Clothing, hair color, body shape/size, skin/fur color/patterns, eye color, general presentation (dirty/clean, messy/well kept, etc.)
    • How does it behave? (habits, vocal inflections, personality type (bubbly, nervous, angry, crazy, etc.), posture, etc.)
    • What are its likes/dislikes?
    • Everything you can tell me about the character will help in some way, including pictures you’ve possibly made.


  • Action
  • Suspense
  • Sad
  • Dramatic


  • Romance (especially NSFW scenes)

Things I will not write

  • Fetish stuff
  • Fanfiction in general
    • I will not write a story based on another work unless you own that work (meaning no fanfiction). The reasons for this is because I cannot trust myself to keep up with the work’s canons, fanons, etc.; especially if I don’t keep up with the work.

Everything else is stuff that I can write well enough, but don’t consider myself to particularly excel at.

DMs are alway open while I am taking commissions. Send me a message of what you want (based on what’s above) and I will determine whether I will take you up on your request.

Timeframes for commissions are 1-2 days for poems and bios/blurbs/descriptions, and 3 days to a week for short stories. I will talk to you about any delays that prevent me from completing any commissions.

I will only work on 5 commissions at a time and will temporarily close commissions upon filling up that amount. Check bio on whether I can take any commissions at the moment.

I require the full price to be paid before I give the commissioner the commission. I will offer one free rewrite if the commission is not to your liking.

All transactions are non-refundable unless there is a problem on my part.

Any other questions can be asked via notes and DMs on Twitter:

Here are most of the things I have done so far:…

The Pen of a Poet

The pen of a poet

with a low wit has nothing to do

with the shoe of those

who wrote their prose before them.

The same tool

can be filled with the drool

of those idiots who pivot

their pens on the paper to make a dot

and sell it as a caper.

The words they write

have as much bite as the spot

of spit they made

or, more accurately, laid on the sheet

and could easily be beat by

a small cinder that would lie on their pad

and hinder them.

However, ink may be read even after some smolder

and can age even older than saliva,

which evaporates under very little  heat.

This is more than enough reason to take a seat

and learn to write with ink Registered & Protected  CFFB-GWNA-IUJX-YAL8

The Manipulator

A painter of reality itself

To many a loyal fan.

A main player of his base’s shelf

Of lies with dishonorable plans

A guy with the tally to push around

A man smaller than he

Without the skills to predict the sound

Of the outcries that shall spree.

A manipulator that dons titles

To distract from the man he is.

So he can keep his sheep from eating his vitals

And claim their value as his.

A builder that creates a great wall

Between his practices and image.

Thus when his wall is threatened to fall,

He makes excuses using his lineage.

A disgusting human who cannot admit

That he has ever done wrong,

Due to the throne, he crafted of shit,

Being threatened to topple with someone else’s song.

So go ahead, and do what you will;

Whatever moves you plan to make.

Although your followers now protect you still,

You better watch out, for your sake.

Media Talk: Zoophobia

Before we begin, I need to address two things. This was first posted to my Tumblr in order to hopefully reach out to VivziePop. You can find it here. I commented on her Twitter poll, of whether she should rewrite the webcomic, some minor criticism to why she should do exactly that. This was an extension of that, as noted in the post below. The second thing is that I’m going to rename this series of posts from Literature Talk to Media Talk in order to comment on more than just books and literature. I may still use the Literature Talk title to comment on books and poems, but this title will be for everything else including tips for making a good story.

This one is addressed directly to Viv. I want to start this off by saying that I like the concept of Zoophobia as well as the art style. However, I’m not much of an artist, I’m more of a writer. So that is how I’m criticizing this. Also, Viv, this is a longer version of the tweets that I replied to you with here, here, and here. Please know that this is because I believe in your characters and world. I know you’ve been told everything in terms of criticism as well, and are probably sick to death of this, so please understand and read the entire post before launching criticism at my criticism. So rather than go and tell you about all the things that aren’t working for the comic, I’ll give you two models to use to inspire your creativity.

These two models are meant to address the main points where the comic doesn’t work from a story standpoint, these points being the characters and world. By characters, I mean the juggling of them, and by the world, I meant the consistency of it. The model for the characters is Boku No Hero Academia (or My Hero Academia), and for the world, it is Adventure Time. Please hear me out on this.

My Hero Academia has a lot of characters to juggle, and if you’re reading the manga, it’s still adding more. Yet, despite having to juggle all these characters, it still works. The reason behind this is because there is an overarching storyline to follow. The plot in My Hero Academia feels like it is going somewhere with all these characters, with stakes, risks, feelings, and an overarching sense of dread. It also shows enough of these characters to allow one to gain interest in them, but not enough that it feels like the creators are doting on them, which is what it feels like in Zoophobia. There also isn’t really much of anything plot wise happening to keep my interest. It has been stated that there is no main character in this comic and that Cameron, the first character introduced, is meant to be an audience surrogate. Well, the thing about audience surrogates are, they’re usually around to see and be a part of the main plot points. The thing about Cameron is, she hardly gets any screen time in later chapters to be that. So, with this being said, I think Zoophobia might benefit from having a main character, as it would add more structure and cohesiveness. Back to My Hero Academia, the main character is Deku, and his purpose is to provide a motivation, not just for the other characters, but for a plot. With him in the equation, we have an end goal, a reason for sticking around. Sure you could try to make a webcomic with a “slice of life” setting that relies solely on character interaction for the entertainment value, but we don’t get that kind of set up. In the beginning, you set it up so that we expect to follow Cameron. To make something like a slice of life character interactions, we may possibly have to start already in the Safe Haven with a good chunk of these characters introduced in the first chapter. I would also recommend switching between characters more, as when you focus on one group of characters within a single story arch, it almost seems as if you forget about the other characters as well.

Adventure Time, whether you love it or think it’s the most annoying thing, has changed how cartoons look and are within the past decade for, what I would like to think, the better. Many of the best cartoons you have seen in the last decade have had its creators either be bred from the staff of the show (*cough* *cough* Rebecca Sugar and Natasha Allegri *cough*) or had previous interactions with the creator (*cough* *cough* Alex Hirsch and J. G. Quintel *cough*). One of the best parts of the show is the world it gives. While it remains the animator’s wet dream due to how weird it can get, it still knows what it’s doing, as well as what it has done. One of the many strengths that AT’s world has is the ability to throw anything at you because that is how it set itself up. In the beginning, we are thrown into a world of candy people, zombies and science(ish), along with many other things that I don’t feel like typing out. This sets the precedent for the show that the world’s complete nonsense from the outside looking in, and anything can happen in it. However, while they throw a lot at you, they never forget what has already been thrown. This gives structure to the show’s world and makes what they throw at you come off more as world building rather than world breaking. Now, the reason I’m telling you this is because, while it is fine not to specify the rules of the world, it’s not okay to break the ones you have specified. For instance, how do Damian and the other demons manage to travel back and forth into the Safe Haven? How does this not weaken the “powerful magic” if Cameron can’t do the exact same thing? Is Hell within the Safe Haven? If not, why doesn’t it protect against demons? Why would Zachariah let Damian travel in and out of the Safe Haven if it would weaken the magic? It can’t be because he can allow the magic to give them a pass because many demons we see can go into it without a noticeable problem. These are some of the few questions that I find building up with this. I’m sure you have an explanation but we have yet to hear it. Also, is that woman going to be coming back into the story? You know the one I’m talking about. The one with, what I like to call, “evil eyes.” What was her purpose of sending Cameron to the Safe Haven? Back to AT, when it came to the Lich (the original “main villain”), after his original episodes, he was always in the background, usually as an easter egg. This shows us the writers haven’t yet forgotten about this character and that he is waiting and always watching. The woman, in the beginning, looked like she had a plan, so I’m thinking we should see a little of it. At least tell us if it’s failing or not. Remember the pieces you put on the board.

In the end, please don’t take this as an attack on you or your work personally. I’m just a firm believer of harsh criticism. I always think of criticism like cold medicine. You have Tylenol® and you have Robitussin® and while one doesn’t go down easy, it’s a lot more effective than the other. I’m talking about the Robitussin® of course. Either way, this was my silly opinion on this. Take this however which way you will. I can take your criticism. I would like you to do the same.

Opinion Piece: Radicals

Keep in mind this is my opinion. That being said:

Radicals are possibly the worst people in all of history, especially today. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge the historical importance of radicals in the formation of the culture we know and love today, but today isn’t back then. You see, radicals are good, and only good, for starting the conversation of issues. Following them completely through has been historically impossible as their world view is about as realistic as Orwell’s 1984 actually happening in 1984. There has been hardly a time in history where ideas of what was considered “radical” have actually been followed through exactly. Even the founding fathers of the USA were kind of saying “fuck if I know how to form a country like Locke describes” after the actual revolution part was done. People forget that they failed the first time with the Articles of Confederation, as it was too loose of a government to actually do anything, so they drafted the Constitution to make up for it. Communism, despite popular belief, has actually never been achieved.

Communism, as Marx would describe it, is actually more synonymous with anarchism, in the belief of a self-governing society. Socialism was what occurred and is described as a “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” or the USSR…sort of. They got the dictatorship part down, but not for the right reason. Socialism is a means to get to communism, where the big dictator is supposed to go away after everything is good and dandy and the society just works like a well-oiled machine that needs no one to govern it. Do I have to point out how this is just a mere fantasy? People are too self-aware of their own beliefs and ideals that it couldn’t happen. It only takes one person to move an entire crowd. Quote 1984 for the fear of totalitarian government all you like, I prefer to quote V for Vendetta: “We are told to remember the idea, not the man because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.”

These radicals hardly see people as people. They claim to see them as people, but really they just see them as a machine, not machines, a single machine. They have the naivety to think all they have to do is just adjust all the parts to make them fit and the machine will run. Machine parts don’t change shape, people can. A lot quicker, mind you, than a part can go rusty, and if one wants this machine to keep running, they would have to constantly rearrange the parts of this human machine they’re building. The fact that the radicals in practice have to rearrange the machine so constantly proves that it cannot work like they would like it to.

This is why we need moderates. They are the only ones who can use the government to its full advantage because they can do something a radical can never do: compromise. They can stand proudly on the fence with a clear view of both sides and point out the flaws of either side. Only they can work with either side to get a favorable outcome. Some will say that compromise leaves both sides unsatisfied, but I say that’s only because they didn’t compromise correctly, as both sides should be satisfied with it.

However, it seems everyone is sick of compromise and wants things completely their way. This is bad because we are currently in a time where we need compromise the most. We are letting the far sides shout over the people who actually have an ability to do something. So it’s either the far sides back down or the moderates, the normally level-headed people, start to shout.

So go ahead and shout at the top of your lungs how much you hate the far sides and the fact that you really are the people who can make a difference because you’ve suffered in silence for long enough. You are needed, you just need to make sure everyone else knows you are needed, so stay smart. Get loud and stay smart.

I encourage smart debate, so state your opinions with a sense of maturity in response.

Political Nihilism

What is the meaning

of political leanings

if all they cause are fights?

What is the definition

of political ambition

if all of politics is shite?

Why do we care

about foreign affairs

if we want to keep them out?

What is the use

of talking about any kind of abuse

if both sides just argue and shout?

What is the reason

of going through the seasons

if we have to go through all of this?

What is the point

of our leader, to appoint

if all our options just miss?

Why should we go through all of this shit?

We go through this all the time.

Why should we put up with this?

Because everyone’s a reverse mime. Registered & Protected  GACD-MADY-MF93-TE4T